Dr. Thomas Sowell

Dr. Thomas Sowell is an American intellectual giant.  He is a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University born in NC, but raised in Harlem .  Educated at Harvard , Colombia and Chicago.  He is an economist who has taught at Cornell, Brandeis, The Urban Institution, UCLA and now at Stanford.

I wanted to post a few of my favorite quotes- words of wisdom always ring true!




Ultimate Success Series #4: Keeping 1st things 1st

Ultimate Success Series#4:

Keeping 1st things 1st. Set your Mind on things above. Meditating on the Word. Reading and Learning the Scriptures so God can Speak to you!  Watch and be blessed!

Big Things…Get your Game…ON


I am always amazed at how folks are always interested in saying that they want to do Big Things. I have found in life and thru experiences that to achieve Big things in Life…you must be willing to do the SMALL Things well 1st.

To do the Small things often, well and right…you must Humble yourself.

Its doing those small tasks with the right attitude that lead to the Greater things in Life. Proverbs 22:4 Humility and Fear of the Lord Leads to Riches, Honor and Life. There you go… Game on….

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Ultimate Success Series: Why Ultimate Success?

Why Ultimate Success…?  This is my Life’s Mission for YOU.

This is the first of a series called, “Ultimate Success!” Stay tuned…Nuggets of Wisdom coming in a contemporary format.  Quick videos to Help You to Accomplish your Life’s Mission.  Finding your Passion in the process.  Fun, Fun, Fun!

Old Wine in New Wine Skin….Teaching an Old Dog some New Tricks….

Today, Good Fri, is the 1st Day of my new adventure into Blogging. My dear (Much Younger) Friend – Wendy Stutzman, has convinced me that if I want to reach the masses with my messages of how to achieve Ultimate Success in Life…this is a key Tool.   At my age and point in life, trust me, it’s a stretch.   But I aIMG_1726.JPGm a proponent of any Good Changes that are pertinent to Growing & Improving.  Appreciate the Prayers and Grace given me as I venture into this new territory.

As a Consummate Entrepreneur, 4 Decades of chasing and living the American Dream…I still can’t say No to an Opportunity when one of True Value presents itself.    Hence…with dozens of Start up Businesses that I have conceived and built…the adrenaline I experience in doing them is as I say addicting.   The Challenge to Overcome, Figure things out and Become is just inherent in me… Success…but not Just Success: Ultimate Success – Body/Soul/Spirit       


Which I define as Knowing God’s Perfect and Divine Will for Your Life, and Doing it.    So here we go…As I see Today the Need for Helping Others to Find Purpose and Passion in Life  and I have…I must help Others to do the Same.   Success does Breed Success.   My Values of Loving God, Family, Country and Business drive every fiber of my being in this Life.   So never before in my lifetime have I seen such a great Need and Opportunity to Rally the Troops and get folks on track to reestablishing these Sacred Values back into their everyday lives and be Blessed and become a Blessing.  So….Onward and Upward.  Let the Blogging Begin : )